The root fertilization that we offer is a Woody Plants & Trees blend from Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer. This mixture is designed with all the necessary nutrients for growing ornamental woody plants and trees, both deciduous and coniferous.

We apply it with a soil probe every four feet around the drip line of the tree. Our probe is set at 4-8 inches to keep the fertilizer around the roots that take up nutrients. Ideally, application should happen before or during bud break (April/May) or conifers can also benefit from a fall application. 

Trees to consider fertilizing include:

  • Young Trees that were transplanted more than 2 years ago. Fertilizing newly transplanted trees could increase the shock of the transplant. Once the tree is established, fertilizing could increase growth and reduce the possibility of pressures.
  • Trees that are growing in well kept landscapes or close to paved areas. Trees in forested areas receive nutrients from decomposing organic material. This organic material (foliage) is most likely removed on a consistent basis if the tree is in a manicured landscape.
  • Highly valued trees. Fertilizer can help a tree fight future stresses and pressures.